Tyddyn du Farm Luxury Suites, Gellilydan, Ffestiniog, Nr Porthmadog

Y Ffarm

Experience an Organic Working Sheep Farm With a Friendly Animals field, in the Heart of Snowdonia National Park : Alpacas TedI & Wil, Lovely Bottle Fed Lambs, Mischievous Pygmy Goats : Miniature Shetland ponies & friendly sheep


The accommodation is on an organic working sheep farm in a super central Snowdonia National Park location

Children & Adults love to meet our friendly farm animals in the pet fields by the farmhouse ... you are welcome to go into the field with them anytime - they will all eat animal feed from your hand

Everyone is welcome to join in
This year we have a bottle fed lamb called Bella - who has a milk bottle every morning & evening
Help collect the eggs for breakfast & feed the ducks on the mill pond


We have two Shetland ponies - Ned & Guto are miniature shetland ponies, they love attention and with a willing, competent adult... they can be taken for a walk along our farm lane & can be groomed or given some crusts or a carrot anytime



WIL & TEDI - our Alpacas are gorgeous and very inquisitive, they are a little nervous but if you are quiet and VERY gentle .. they will come to you for a little sheep cake nibble & nuzzle
Guests on the farm are cautioned to walk slowly and talk quietly when approaching alpacas to avoid startling them.
They tolerate people moving closely among them – as long as the people also behave in a calm manner!
Alpacas often will come up to meet and greet before resuming their normal activities.



* Our friendly sheep will come to you for a nibble...

* Feed the the chickens & collect the eggs for breakfast

* We have a very friendly border collie sheepdog who loves to greet our guests !!



THE PYGMY GOATS & the lambs will welcome you into their fields & will eat carrots out of your hands & play with you

Our Farm dog is very friendly & loves meeting all our guests, well behaved dogs are welcome on the farm ~ please see the terms & conditions of booking with a dog on our full website's booking link

Owner/Manager: Paula Williams
Tyddyn-du Farm Luxury Suites
Gellilydan, Bl. Ffestiniog ,
(Near Porthmadog)
Gwynedd LL41 4RB Gwynedd

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relaxing area with swingsY Ffarm


The swings & playing area are close to the farmhouse ~ with a picnic table nearby, there's also a picnic table by the duck pond where you're welcome to have a barbecue ...

Tyddyn du Farm Luxury Suites, Gellilydan, Ffestiniog, Nr Porthmadog Gwynedd

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